MAY 2019 MEMBERSHIP MEMO Senior Friends of Hebron

There’s no denying Spring now that the flowers are blooming and the yard work needing to be constantly attended! The rain further promotes the rapid plant/grass growth. No grass? No flowers? Maybe help a neighbor!

MARK YOUR CALENDARS (you may not want to miss these events.)

MAY 3…1-6PM FRIDAY, PLANT SALE ST. PETER’S (also Sat., 9-3 pm)
Senior Friends will have a display of Bird Houses and Butterfly Houses which have become very popular this time of year…time for birds to make their nests and houses to decorate the flower garden for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Birthdays, Graduations, etc. or to gift yourself!
Get first choice early! And support your organization…

MAY 8…2-4 PM WEDNESDAY, HARTFORD FOUNDATION GRANT WORKSHOP in Hartford. Come join some of us as we carpool to learn more about our small grant eligilbility
for another 2 years. We are able to bring you high profile speakers and entertainment who require higher profile fees as well as the many varied opportunities for you , the members.
No fee for this workshop.

MAY 9...3:30-5 PM THURSDAY EDIBLE “WEEDS”, A TALK AND DEMO BY BARBARA AUSTIN, well-known speaker in CT. Barbara is enthusiatic and knowledgable about plants that are in your backyard and what they are good for! Enjoy active participation!
Refreshments and door prize. Members only. Bring a Hebron senior friend and $8 membership fee for him/her. Please wear your red shirts. Colebrook Village.

May 14…2:30 PM AHM has invited Senior Friends to attend a Project Workshop to explore increasing partnership with the Seniors. (Grant by Hartford Foundation) Please contact Barbara Soderberg if you want to be included.

JUNE 1...10-2 PM SATURDAY FARMERS’ MARKET at Hebron Elementary School yard.
Senior Friends will have a tent (needed: people to raise the tent) and sell some specialty baked items and the woodcrafts.
One plan is to create a “Signature Cookie” or such. Please submit your ideas and recipes to Barbara asap so they can be sampled and evaluated. Prize for the winner! The winning item will be made available at all our fundraisers. Judges will be a group of members. More bakers needed.

ANOTHER PROJECT IS MAKING BAGS TO REPLACE OUR PLASTIC BAGS WHEREVER WE GO, e.g. the grocery store for vegetables. Ideas to Barbara, please. Again, a prize to the winner! Hello, seamstresses?

Want to help? Call Barbara. It is never too early to plan.

UPDATES: Kathy Williams is the new PR Person to submit articles to the newspapers etc.
Don Cruess is researching Facebook as a communication tool, esp. for our functions.
Home visits to shut-ins are done monthly. Please refer any of our members for a visit

For help with indoor or outdoor clean-up, apply for this free help by calling Kate at AHM,

Save the date:
June 1, 9am-12 noon, Hebron Farmers Market at the Hebron Elementary School. If SF is to have a booth, more volunteers are needed. Please call barbara, 860-228-3106, or e-mail This will be a fun time! Family and friends may help!

2020 APRIL : TAKE NOTE! CONCERT next year
sponsored by the Senior Friends of Hebron. Donations will benefit Educational Programs.
Take Note! Concerts are difficult to book and are only available a few times a year in the area for eligible groups. More info to come in future Memos!

Robb Warner, Lifetime Member, has volunteered to be the newspaper publicity person, relieving Barbara Soderberg who has done it for several years. Thank you, Robb! As Robb says, “give it to a busy person who will find time to volunteer!”


Checkout the HHS Website!!

And upcoming events: HHS 4Q Hebron Views.cwk


T-SHIRTS are available for $12-$17. Be prepared for the 2019 events to proudly display our organization to the public!

Remember the CHORES program through AHM. It is free to eligible Hebron seniors for leaf/snow removal, house duties, etc.

Questions? Please contact Marge or Barbara.