Welcome to Senior Friends of Hebron



There will be a March Meeting on Thursday, March 12th at 4:00pm at St. Peter’s Phelps Hall.  The meeting will be open to the public!    Members will gather at 3:30pm.

Our guest speaker will be Stephanie Preston!                                                           “Easy Ways To Boost Springtime Immunity”
Initial discussion will be about Naturopathic Medicine: what it is and how health is approached.  The talk will then discuss some easy ways to boost immunity and energy on your own as well as ways in which a Naturopath Doctor would address this as well.

Please call Barbara, or Cecile,  if you  have any questions.
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The Senior Friends of Hebron is a volunteer social organization, comprised of Hebron Senior Citizens, established for fundraising and fun-raising. The organization supports programs of cultural, educational and/or social nature. The organization shall encourage community support for the needs and services of the diverse senior population of the Town of Hebron.





  1. January 23, dessert planning meeting at Phelps Hall.  All are welcome.
  2. Next meeting February.